Things you should know about Moissanite Diamonds that will genuinely blow you away.

Feb 06, 21
Things you should know about Moissanite Diamonds that will genuinely blow you away.

There are various possibilities that you are here reading this article, trying to find more about Moissanite Diamonds. It might be possible that you want to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings, perhaps, but you are sick and tired of the diamond prices and the overhauling Hollywood paranoia that surrounds the diamond industry. 

You got to give your partner a diamond ring, buy your loved one a diamond necklace or something with a big, bold diamond in the center, or you don't love them as much. Such absurdities might have made you come all this way to find more about Moissanite Diamonds and why they outcast diamonds in every aspect. 

What is a  Moissanite diamond?

It is a gemstone that is found rarely in nature, it was first found near a meteor crater, and it is believed to come from the stars. It was quite costly in the beginning, but later on, in the late 1900s, the process of perfecting Moissanite diamonds in the laboratory became a success, and it is nearly the same as the natural Moissanite. That is why it is incredibly cost-effective and in reach of almost everyone. 

Following are some of the earth-shattering facts about Moissanite diamonds and why it should be your ultimate choice;

Extreme durability

Diamond are the most rigid substance that is known to man, but Moissanite diamonds don't lack too much in comparison. It is frankly not that hard as an original diamond would be, but it is hard enough to qualify as your next buy. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and there is no catch about it at all; it can withstand a temperature limit of about two thousand Fahrenheit. The durability can easily withstand almost all types of ammunition and even when a grenade is going off in close proximity. No wonder it is being used in safety armors and other such equipment.

Greater brilliance

The quality of the shine in a diamond is quantified in terms of its brilliance. Although diamonds have quite some brilliance and cast a beautiful 'fire' when placed under direct light next to a Moissanite diamond, they are nothing. Moissanite diamonds are known to have even greater brilliance than a diamond, and currently, it is the most brilliant gemstone in the market. It doesn't get any shinier than this, so if you are after the shine of the gem mounted on the ring or a necklace, then why not go with a Moissanite diamond after all?

Super cost-effective 

You won't be able to find a beautiful cut of diamond for anything less than $3k. And the price of one carat of the diamond can range from $3-26k easily. On the other hand, you can find a quality Moissanite diamond in the range of about $150-600. The difference in terms of price is day and night, and you get to have an even brighter appearance and brilliance than a finely cut diamond; what more do you want? Imagine the amount of money that you will be saved from all this; you can literally use all that money to do so many other things in your life and be happy about it. 

Lifetime guarantee

Due to the durability that it shows, Moissanite diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee. Not only in terms of hardness but also regarding any color damage, scratches, or other imperfections that might arise within your Moissanite diamond over time. Although you get to have similar benefits with a diamond, the amount you have to pay to get your hands on a fine cut of the diamond is no match for Moissanite diamonds in any variation.